Glacial Clay Wrap

At KurSpa our glacial clay wrap starts with a full body dry brush exfoliation. This process is designed to remove dead skin cells and well as increase the lymphatic flow making the detoxifying properties of the clay more effective. Don’t let the name fool you. The glacial clay is not cold, it is heated as is the treatment table and you are wrapped creating a warm and soothing full body experience. We don’t stop there while you are wrapped up you will receive a tranquil scalp and foot massage before you head to the shower to remove the glacial clay mask. Once the wrap portion has concluded and you are clean and dry we finish this treatment off with mango butter moisturizer applied with relaxing massage techniques.

After your wrap you can continue the therapeutic benefits the Kisameet clay offers with some take home products for purchase here at KurSpa made by local apothecary Kiley Routley of Back to Earth I recommend “Goodbye Eczema and Psoriasis Cream” as well as the “Mud Bath Glacial Clay Bar.”

Kisameet Glacial Clay

The KurSpa Glacial Clay wrap utilizes ethically harvested Glacial clay from Kisameet Bay, British Columbia. The Clay is sourced from a shallow granite basin that lies 400-feet inland and above sea level. Kisameet clay is pristine-free from contaminants and untainted by marine waste and environmental pollutants. For approximately 12,000 years this wet clay has been covered by rain forest moss and flora being kept moist by some of the highest rainfall numbers in the world.

Unlike tidal or alluvial mud, it is believed by many that Kisameet clay was naturally formed when volcanic activity rapidly melted the ice covering the central coast.

The Kisameet story began centuries ago when the mineral clay was first discovered by the Heiltsuk people. The use of the mineral clay by the Heiltsuk People is well documented. Kisameet Clay company works closely with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management department to mitigate and address any cultural, environmental or archaeological impact that their activity could have on the community.

At Kisameet clay they have also listened, learned and have come to share the environmental stewardship values that are rightfully of great importance to the Heiltsuk and all who wish to journey in or through their traditional lands.

This clay is beneficial for its therapeutic mineral dense properties for such ailments as uncreative colitis, duodenal ulcers, arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, skin irritation and burns.

Kelly Tarso l KurSpa Manager

References provided by: Kisameet Clay Company

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