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Focus on Employee Wellbeing with a Corporate Wellness Retreat

By Sparkling Hill / Oct 16, 2019

You rely on your employees to work hard for you, but health problems and burnout can cause retention issues and wreak havoc on your bottom line. More employers are recognizing the benefit of focusing on employee health and wellbeing. Your employees are realizing it too, as they pursue a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Hosting […]

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Embrace the European Spa Philosophy

By Sparkling Hill / Sep 16, 2019

Looking for a natural way to ease tension, increase circulation and detoxify your body? Hydrotherapy may be the answer you are searching for. Heat, Cold, and Rest with Hydration The name ‘KurSpa’ comes from the German word ‘kur’ which means healing and the Latin word ‘spa’  which means water, together meaning ‘healing by water’, which […]

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Wellness Travel: Renew Your Commitment to Healthy Living

By Sparkling Hill / Jul 18, 2019

We’ve all felt the overwhelming need to take a vacation after a vacation, but a different approach to travel is on the rise. Taking a holiday is often an exercise in overindulgence, leaving us physically and mentally drained with feelings of guilt when we return home. Imagine taking a trip that leaves you feeling restored, […]

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By Sparkling Hill / May 31, 2019

As we celebrate everything that makes our industry so exceptional during National Tourism Week, one area worth highlighting is the vast career potential for anyone interested in tourism and hospitality. This field offers huge growth potential, the ability to travel and see world-class properties and destinations first hand, and the opportunity to have a real […]

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KurSpa Insights – Spring Clean your Skin!

By Sparkling Hill / Apr 22, 2019

Spring is upon us!   After the cold and dry air that came with winter, are you finding your skin a little bit dull, maybe dry as well?  Spring is great time to exfoliate that winter skin away and start showing off its new radiance in shorter sleeves! KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort offers several […]

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You’re Injured, now what?

By Sparkling Hill / Apr 22, 2019

So you’re injured… hey it happens, what do you do next?  Chances are you have heard the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) as the best way deal with an acute injury. RICE makes a ton of sense for so many reasons… Your doctor always tells you to rest after injury, ice helps to […]

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Maintain Your Active and Healthy Lifestyle at 60+ Years!

By Sparkling Hill / Feb 15, 2019

An active, healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining one’s independence and achieving optimal health as we embrace aging. The professionals at Sparkling Hill Resort have created a unique 5-night wellness retreat customized to the needs of our guests age 60+. The program is designed for seniors to focus on maintaining and improving their quality of […]

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What’s New in 2019

By Sparkling Hill / Jan 22, 2019

We have some exciting changes and important dates this year that we are pleased to share with you. Each of our updated policies have been designed to provide an optimal experience to our guests in line with our health and wellness mission. WE ARE AN ADULT ONLY RESORT Please note that as of January 1st, […]

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Old Hollywood New Year’s Eve Package

By Sparkling Hill / Dec 19, 2018

Ring in 2019 with your name in lights. Be transported to old Hollywood with this 2-night New Year’s Eve experience of food, dancing and celebration at Sparkling Hill Resort. Package rates starting at $499 CAD / $384 USD per night for two adults. Two night stays only. Ages 19+ adults only. Book Your New Year’s Eve Package […]

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