How to have an Unforgettable Stay at Eldorado Resort Kelowna 

Welcome to Eldorado Resort Kelowna, where luxury meets relaxation on the stunning shores of Okanagan Lake. In this blog, we will delve into ways to ensure your stay at Eldorado Resort is nothing short of unforgettable. Whether you are seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, make the most of your time at this renowned destination. 

Choosing the Right Room 

Eldorado Resort offers a variety of accommodations to suit every guest’s needs, from standard rooms to lavish suites with lake views. We will explore the amenities and features of each room type, along with selecting the perfect room for your preferences and budget. 

Dining Options and Reservations 

Indulge in exquisite dining experiences at Eldorado Resort’s many dining options. With laid back casual dining at the Eldorado Lounge, to fine dining at Lakeside Dinning and Maestro’s Mediterranean. We always recommend making reservations in advance to get your desired table. 

Exploring the Surrounding Area 

Beyond the resort, Kelowna boasts a plethora of attractions and activities for a day of fun. Local wineries like Mission hill offer great award-winning wines paired with stunning views. For the more active lifestyles, take the trip up to Big White Ski resort for some turns on the hill, and cap off a day on the slopes with their world class dining. Our staff is always happy to provide recommendations on their personal favourites outside of the resort.  

Utilizing Resort Amenities 

Discover the array of amenities offered within the resort, such as the outdoor pool with ample shade, fitness center, and so much more. Whether you are looking to relax on our secluded beach, cleanse your body in the sauna, or indulge in a dip in one of our many pools, Eldorado Resort has you covered. Take advantage of these amenities to elevate your vacation experience and make unforgettable memories.  

Taking Advantage of Special Packages and Rates 

Explore the special packages and promotions available at Eldorado Resort website and find out how you can elevate your experience. By taking advantage of special packages and promotions at Eldorado Resort, you can enhance your overall experience and make the most out of your stay. To ensure you secure the best offers, it is recommended to book in advance and subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates on limited-time promotions. Additionally, consider booking in the offseason to get be able to stay long on a budget, all while enjoying worldclass hospitality and a more laid-back atmosphere during the offseason. 

Planning Ahead for Events and Experiences  

Immerse yourself in the vibrant events and activities organized by Eldorado Resort, from Yoga to Heritage Tea. Discover the advantages of participating in these activities and learn how to plan to make the most of the resort’s event calendar. By participating in the events and experiences organized by Eldorado Resort, guests can fully immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere and create unforgettable memories. Whether it is sipping Tea from traditional porcelain tea sets in our Vintage Room to taking part in a yoga class on the rooftop to take in the best views of the valley, these experiences offer a unique opportunity to socialize and connect with fellow guests. To make the most of your stay plan and prioritize the activities and experiences that align with your interests and preferences.  

Moorage and Marina Fun 

Days on the water in the Okanagan are something that are sought after by everyone. No more are having to wait in line to launch your boat, find parking, all the hassles of having a day on the water. We take away all the stress of days on the lake with offering moorage while you stay with us. Nonmotorized watersport rentals are always a good way to enjoy the sunshine, from paddleboards to canoes our marina has you covered. Mooring at our marina will provide you with convenient and safe access to your boat during your stay. 

Finally, by following these, you will be sure to have a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience at Eldorado Resort Kelowna. From choosing the perfect room to exploring the surrounding area and taking advantage of resort amenities, there is something for every traveler to enjoy. Book your stay today and discover the exceptional facilities and services that await you at Eldorado Resort Kelowna. 

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