Highlights of Eldorado Resorts Sustainability Efforts 

At Eldorado Resort, we promote our region and our business’s sustainability through the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) Biosphere program and are a Green Key certified resort. Both Biosphere and Green Key are Sustainable Tourism Systems certified by the Responsible Tourism Institute and internationally recognized. We are committed to becoming an industry leader through example of our sustainability practices and green commitments. 

In celebration of #Earth Month, we are proud to share the many ways in which each department has pulled together to support Eldorado Resort’s sustainability goals. 

Green Team

The Eldorado Green Team is an employee lead initiative which analyzes the process and practices at the resort to implement greener and more sustainable solutions. Our team has employees from each department who meet monthly to discuss opportunities for increased sustainability. Some of the achievements and commitments have included participation in the Adopt-a-Stream program, promotion of events such as Bike to Work Week, planting indigenous plants onsite, and ultimately facilitating tasks and goals of the Biosphere and Green Key programs. These initiatives are relayed to the rest of the resort staff to ensure the proper education of employees on sustainability protocols.


Our housekeeping team works behind the scenes ensuring Eldorado Resorts sustainability goals are upheld within our guestrooms. To cut back on the volume of laundry, fresh bed linens are arranged after the third night of your stay but can be changed daily if requested of the Housekeeping team. Guests are encouraged to re-use their towels and are only changed if signalled to the Housekeeping team. 

To reduce single use plastics, slippers and guest robes are free of plastic wrapping, glass wine glasses are provided instead of plastic, and amenity packages are served on plates rather than plastic takeout. Paper guest directories are not provided, as each room contains a directory on our Optik TV homepage. To minimize water and power usage, the guestroom lights and TVs are not left on for arrival, sink faucets and showers are low-flow, and the windows are double paned to maintain the rooms temperate.

Food & Beverage

Eldorado Resorts Food and Beverage Team is always looking for new and innovative ways to integrate sustainable practices into their day-to-day. To reduce plastics, beverages are free of plastic straws, take-out customers are asked if they require utensils, and all beverage containers, jars, cans, plastic, and carboards are recycled. To cut back on energy usage, our patio heaters are on timers. A new project spearheaded by Eldorado’s Green Team is collecting and donating used children’s crayons from the guests.

We always strive to support local by partnering with local wineries, breweries, and distilleries for our house label products. More than 50% of our wines come from the Okanagan. We source meats, fish, cheeses, fruits, berries, vegetables, and greens locally whenever possible. When seasonal regional foods are available, dining menus will state those ingredients. 

Amenities & Property

At Eldorado Resort, our maintenance team has helped us immensely by upkeeping greenspaces around the property with flowers, shrubs, and bushes sourced from local businesses. We ensure proper recycling and composting by offering an abundance of labelled bins, and properly dispelling of yard waste and electronic waste. All refundable items are collected and donated. Our sprinkler systems are on timers to support less water usage. Charging stations are available onsite for electric vehicles, and e-bikes and cruiser bike rentals are also onsite to encourage non motorized travel.

We focus on our local community and tourism through partnerships and promoting with local golf courses, wineries, ski resorts and tour companies. Our Health & Wellness team uses and sells Eminence Organics products, a company committed to organic and eco-friendly ingredients, sustainable packaging, and plants trees for each product sold.

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